Glass is used in a variety of forms today and if we are to list the uses of glass then this article will surely finish howeever the uses would not. A lot of the products which we see today have glass as their main feature whether you pick the modern day digital cameras, televisions or […]

The Glass industry is huge and there are various types of glasses which are produced specifically for a particular industry. There are many applications of glasses and based on the application the glass is developed. The auto industry is a huge industry and it is one of those industries where glass is used in abundance. […]

Cars, bikes, buses and trains are some things that all of us have seen. When you are riding these vehicles then you must have thought about the efforts that are put into the vehicles to make them safe. Each and every vehicle has some integral components that make them safer. One of the most important […]

Glass is one of those materials that is found in almost every single household. It is a material that has many different uses and that is what makes it so important. There are many different types of glass that you can see in various products, that is because each and every glass type has different […]

Glass is a material which holds a lot of importance today and this is a huge industry nowadays. There are several types of glasses which are being produced nowadays with each type providing a unique value proposition. There are a variety of applications of glass nowadays. Some of these applications are discussed in the heading […]

The importance of glass can never be negated and it is a fact that all the major industries of the world use glass in some capacity. In many products the glass is the main quality determinant, for example the tableware and technological equipment like smartphones. In fact the truth is that while manufacturing the IPhone, […]

The glass repair technology is a huge subject and a single article would not surely suffice for it. Glass itself is a huge topic and different types of glasses may require a different repair technology all together. Under such a scenario we have decided to discuss the repair technology related to the Windshield glass. We […]

Everything About Glass

Glass is a product that has multiple uses and it is something that we come across many times throughout a day. It is commonly seen as a screen for smartphones, tablets, computers and it is also installed in our cars as windows and windscreens. When you look at this material, you sometimes start to wonder […]