Everything About Glass

Glass is a product that has multiple uses and it is something that we come across many times throughout a day. It is commonly seen as a screen for smartphones, tablets, computers and it is also installed in our cars as windows and windscreens. When you look at this material, you sometimes start to wonder that how is it made. There are many predictions that a common man makes when it comes to the manufacturing process of glass, but the truth is that most of them are not true. In order to understand the manufacturing process of glass, we first need to understand what glass actually is and that is exactly what you will find here.

What Glass Really Is?

To start things off, we first need to find the answer to what glass is? Glass is a basically a combination of various minerals including sand that are melted together at very high temperatures, as a result of melting the minerals we get a material that can be used for many different purposes. It is a common misconception that glass is a man-made material, the truth is that it also occurs naturally in the mouth of volcanoes where sand and other minerals are melted to form a black glass type material. This black material was initially used by man as spear heads, arrow heads and other accessories. However, we have now found many new ways of making glass that is available in different colors and strengths.

The Types

Glass is a material that can be made in many different ways, each having a different look and feel. As the manufacturing process requires a lot of chemistry and physics, a new type of glass can be made by slightly adjusting the chemical compositions. As a result you are able to get a new type of glass that is different in many ways from other kinds of glass. Some types of glass are Borosilicate Glass or Pyrax, Commercial Glass, Glass Fiber, Optical Glass, etc.img_0169

How Is It Made?

As mentioned earlier, glass is made by melting several minerals together with sand at very high temperatures. The sand that is used in the process is known as Silica and it is a main ingredient for the process. Silica is melted with soda ash and limestone at a temperature of 1700oC, other minerals can be added to this basic mixture in order to change the color or physical properties of the glass. When glass is still in its molten form, it can be manipulated to form different shapes, it can be engraved, decorated or even coated with other materials.

It Is Recyclable

Glass is a material that is environment friendly as it is 100% recyclable, it can be used over and over again without affecting the quality, strength or functionality of the glass.

These were some things that you should know about glass. It is a materials that is used in our everyday life and has many different uses. Manufacturing glass is a time taking process and requires a lot of skill, many people still believe that glass is actually super-cooled liquid, but that is not the case as it is a molten mixture of various minerals.

Hey there! At least for one time in your whole life you would have thought about the glass present everywhere around you. You would wonder how it is made and then cut in the desired shapes to fit in different requirements. Or even get inspired numerous building that have major portions of glass in them that are a great site to look; the cuts they are exhibiting, or the color they are reflecting, or different shades present in them from different angles; these all sometimes make people wonder about the fact that how these are made, and so on.


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