Glass Making: A Brief Insight

Glass is a material which holds a lot of importance today and this is a huge industry nowadays. There are several types of glasses which are being produced nowadays with each type providing a unique value proposition. There are a variety of applications of glass nowadays. Some of these applications are discussed in the heading below.

Glass Application:

There are many areas where glass are utilized nowadays, listing all those areas would not be possible for us however some of the major areas are as follows

  • Glass is widely used in packaging of jars, flacon, pharmaceuticals and bottles etc.
  • Glass is also utilized in renewable energybigstock-d-rendering-of-an-optic-fiber-17088191
  • Different tableware is prepared through glass such as plate, cups, glasses (drinking) and bowls etc.
  • The modern day fiber optic cables also consist of glass
  • Glass is a common feature in modern day buildings as well as houses. Glasses are commonly seen in facades and windows etc.
  • Glass is also applied in various medical technologies
  • Glass is a common feature in interior designs such as lighting, mirrors, tables and partitions
  • Automotive industry uses glass extensively such as in backlights etc.

Making of the Glass:

Let’s see how the glass is actually prepared, we would not be going into any complex medical procedures in this regard. Rather our aim is to keep the description as easy as possible for our readers. The description of glass making is discussed in the paragraphs below

The Main Ingredients:

The basic ingredients which are required for the production of glass are sand, lime and sodium bicarbonate. The reason behind the usage of sand is that it consists of silica which is an essential element as far as glass making process is concerned.  In the sand, soda is added or mixed and the purpose of this mixing is to decrease the melting point. The purpose of adding lime is that it has the power to make the glass insoluble in water.

The process:

The ingredients which are mentioned above are mixed within each other and after the mixture is formed, it is passed through a 011113724heating process of 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit. After the heating process the glass takes the shape of a liquid which is molten in nature. This molten liquid can be used for preparing any kind of glass material whether it is bottles, windows, mirrors or different figurines. All the bottles and jars which you see in the market are made in the mold.

Easier said than done:

In theory the making of the glass may seem simple to you, however the fact of the matter is that the entire process can be seriously tricky. To make a perfect glass you may require furnaces that can resist high temperatures.Similarly molds or forming machines may also be required by you.  The making of a glass may require millions of dollars.

We hope that the article will give you a nice insight as far as making of the glass is concerned.

Hey there! At least for one time in your whole life you would have thought about the glass present everywhere around you. You would wonder how it is made and then cut in the desired shapes to fit in different requirements. Or even get inspired numerous building that have major portions of glass in them that are a great site to look; the cuts they are exhibiting, or the color they are reflecting, or different shades present in them from different angles; these all sometimes make people wonder about the fact that how these are made, and so on.


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