Leading Worldwide Manufacturers Of Glass

Glass is one of those materials that is found in almost every single household. It is a material that has many different uses and that is what makes it so important. There are many different types of glass that you can see in various products, that is because each and every glass type has different properties and specific usage. There are many users of glass all around the world and that means that it needs to be mass produced. There are many companies that do this, but here you will find some of the best glass manufacturers. Glass manufacturing is a huge and flourishing industry and it is getting bigger by the day.

Corning Inc. corning-inc

If you are into technology and know a lot about the latest tablets and smartphones, then you will probably know what is Corning Inc. Corning Inc. is a company that is known to manufacture glass, ceramics and all related materials but it does so primarily for industrial and scientific purposes. The company was founded in New York back in 1851 and it was known as Corning Glass Works till 1989 when it changed its name to Corning Incorporated. The company has around 30,000 employees and is present in 130 locations worldwide.

Asahi Glass Co.

Asahi Glass Co. is normally known as AGC, it is a popular glass manufacturer and is known to produced products like float glass, low-e glass, automotive glass, etc. The company currently employs around 50,000 people and has a presence in over 30 countries. AGC is a Japanese global manufacturing company that is headquartered in Tokyo and it was founded in 1907.


Saint-Gobain is a huge company that is known to produce high quality and high performance materials including industrial ceramic and photovoltaic glass. Saint-Gobain is a company that has almost 190,000 employees and is present in 64 countries. Saint-Gobain is a French multinational corporation and it is headquartered in Paris. The company was founded back in 1665, which means that it has been making glass, ceramics, plastics for almost 351 years.

The NSG Group

The Nippon Sheet Glass Group is commonly known as the NSG group is a Japanese glass manufacturing company that was founded in Osaka in 1918. The company is known to manufacturer high performance glass, technical glass, solar control glass, ceramics and all products of the kind. The company employs around 28,000 employees and is present in almost 30 countries and serves customers in over 130 countries.


RHI AG is a company that was founded in Vienna, Austria and is known to produce products like cement, steel, glass, etc. The company employs approximately 8,000, the company has 33 production facilities and serves over 10,000 customers.

These were some of the leading glass manufacturers of the world. The glass industry is a very important industry as the product that they manufacture has many uses. The glass industry keeps on growing da by day and that is what makes these industries and companies so important.

Hey there! At least for one time in your whole life you would have thought about the glass present everywhere around you. You would wonder how it is made and then cut in the desired shapes to fit in different requirements. Or even get inspired numerous building that have major portions of glass in them that are a great site to look; the cuts they are exhibiting, or the color they are reflecting, or different shades present in them from different angles; these all sometimes make people wonder about the fact that how these are made, and so on.


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