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Glass is used in a variety of forms today and if we are to list the uses of glass then this article will surely finish howeever the uses would not. A lot of the products which we see today have glass as their main feature whether you pick the modern day digital cameras, televisions or even smartphones, you will see that glass plays a significant role in these products. However we usually are so caught up in the technological aspects of these products that we do not really think about the glass. Do you know that Steve jobs ordered to corning for their iPhone screen glass manufacturing? Seldom people know about this. There are a lot of players in the back end of glass manufacturing. In the below mentioned paragraphs we will look into some of the best glass manufacturing companies.

The Top Glass Manufacturing companies:

We have picked out some of the companies which we think are the best, the point is that this is a huge ocean and to keep this article confined to readable length, we have just picked few drops from this massive ocean of glass manufacturing companies.

  • saint-gobainSaint-Gobain: The Company has its origin in France and today it has its operation in 64 different countries of the world. The reason behind the popularity of the company is production of building materials like photovoltaic glass and ceramic components (industrial). The company is currently catering around 190,000 employees.
  • Corning Inc.: The Company is well known manufacturer of glass and other such materials in USA. The glasses and the materials which are manufactured by the company are predominantly utilized in the applications which are both scientific as well as industrial. Till 1989 the company was known as Corning Glass Works however it later changed its name to Corning Incorporated.
  • AGC Group: The Company is a Japanese manufacturer and is home to around 50,000 employees at the moment. The company currently has operations in 30 different countries of the world. The company produces a variety of materials however 48% of its sales is related to Glass.
  • The NSG Group: The Company is well reputed due to its production of high quality glasses. The company is a huge group and apart from glasses it is also involved in other operations related to building products as well. The company has customers in around 130 countries of the world. The company is catering around 28000 employees at the moment and it has presence in around 30 countries of the world.
  • 2000px-schott_ag_logo-svgSchott AG: The Company is headquartered in Germany and is catering around 15,400 employees at the moment. The main offering of the company is specialty glass and advanced technologies. The annual sales of the company stood at 1.93 million at the end of 2014/2015.

These were some of the major companies that are well known throughout the world for their quality glasses. We have given a brief description of these companies for the assistance of our readers.

Hey there! At least for one time in your whole life you would have thought about the glass present everywhere around you. You would wonder how it is made and then cut in the desired shapes to fit in different requirements. Or even get inspired numerous building that have major portions of glass in them that are a great site to look; the cuts they are exhibiting, or the color they are reflecting, or different shades present in them from different angles; these all sometimes make people wonder about the fact that how these are made, and so on.


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